Thank you for stopping by Pressing Smith, an online space where I get to share snapshots of my personal life with you through pictures, stories, recipes and product reviews. I warn you, I am not the most glamour but I make no apologies because the vast majority of life isn't.

I was born in Ontario, Canada and when I was nine years old I moved to New Jersey with my parents. I am dual citizen of Canada and the United States of America therefore my view points and life experiences will be affected by my time in both of these places.

After a year of college in New Jersey, I returned to Canada to finish my schooling. It was here that I met my now Husband Aaron. We now have two boys Joshua and Lucas who are the light of our lives. My family is the center of everything. My goal is to improve the individual lives of each member (myself included) in order to improve the happiness and well being of us as a unit.

I welcome guest posts, especially if you have opinions different from mine. Please contact me if you would like to work together!


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